Tonya M. Evans

global leader, accomplished academic and administrator, in-demand keynote speaker and crypto policy and education advisor

with over twenty years of experience in law, academia, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship.


Digital Money Demystified

This essential guide empowers investors and future-forward business owners to go from “crypto curious” to confident and access first-mover advantage opportunities while avoiding the scammers, carnival barkers, and status quo hawkers.

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Tonya M. Evans

Keynote Speaker, Consultant, Author and Renowned Professor in Intellectual Property and New Technologies

Dr. Tonya M. Evans is a distinguished full tenured professor at Penn State Dickinson Law and holds a prestigious five-year co-hire appointment at the Penn State Institute for Computational and Data Sciences. Her outstanding achievements have earned her widespread recognition, including the esteemed 2023 EDGE in Tech Athena Award for Academic Leadership. She is an exclusive member of the invitation-only Northwestern University Alumni C100 and has been honored as a nominee for Professor of the Year in 2020-21. Furthermore, she was featured on the highly regarded 2021 Forbes Over 50 List in the Investment category and named in the prestigious Fastcase 50 list.




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Dr. Tonya M. Evans

author of Digital Money Demystified, empowers leaders of legacy corporate and academic institutions to enter, and excel in, the future of business in the new digital economy. She expertly prepares yesterday’s executives for tomorrow’s disruption in web3 and beyond.


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